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* Q. What is the status of this project?

This project was conceived in February 2001, and was pretty much dormant until June 2003, apart from a little background research that was going on. The project is now revived, and development is well underway to design the code and electronics that will come together to form a PC-based mobile robot.

The scope of the project has been reduced somewhat since it was first conceived. In hindsight, the original scope of developing a complete set of interface standards, and then implementing them, was a little too ambitious. The redefined scope now focuses on quickly developing useful components using existing standards, code and methodologies.

All of the custom hardware and firmware modules that fall within the scope of this project have already been developed. The software development tasks that remain to be completed before Version 1.0 of the project is officially released are (in chronological order):

The project administrator is keeping a personal diary at, where more detailed progress updates are posted.

* Q. What kind of robot can this project produce?

Here's the project administrator's vision of the kind of robot that should be possible to implement based on the Open Automaton Project:

* Q. What kind of things will such a robot be able to do?

Some capabilities are those of a PDA (personal digital assistant). For example:

Many more possibilities are available if a wireless network connection (e.g. using 802.11) is implemented. For example:

* Q. What skills are needed to build a robot based on this project?

* Q. I've subscribed to the mailing list. How do I make changes to my mailing list preferences?

Navigate to the Open Automaton Project Mailing List Administration Page and enter your email address in the field at the very bottom of the page, then click the Edit Options button.

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